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7 Questions | Nyah Grace

With a vocal so incredibly encaptivating, Nyah Grace has revealed her debut single 'Black Coffee'. It's what you need on a rainy day, when things are feeling blue and you're not really sure which way is up. Beautiful harmonies echoing around a steady drum beat and soulful bass, Nyah Grace makes everything feel better. We caught up with her to talk all things London and Black Coffee.

1. So, your debut single ‘Black Coffee’ really is quite the debut! Why did you choose this to be the first track you released? I’ve loved black coffee ever since I first wrote it, and knew at some point I wanted to release it. I thought the song would be a good way to softly introduce some of my style and some of who I am as an artist. I don’t think this song represent all of what makes up me as a performer, but it definitely shows an integral part of that. 

2. Your voice really does steal the show, there’s no denying that. Is this something that you thought about when the track was being produced?  I think everyone involved in the recording, producing and mixing process of making the song knew that we wanted to make the vocal the highlighted aspect. That’s something that I want to focus on with all of my songs, and I’m glad we were able to achieve that with this first single. 

3. I really took to the lyrics and related to a previous relationship I’d just come out of, it was close to home let’s just say that. You said that the track could be interpreted as being about a boyfriend, is the song personal in any way to you? I originally was inspired to write the song because a friendship in my life started to grew apart. I think it can most easily be interpreted as a romantic relationship breaking up, but I like the idea that the song can mean different things to different people. To me, it means something completely different than what are in the lyrics. 

4. From Oregon to London to even Yorkshire. Have you learnt more about yourself and your sound from travelling to these different places? I’ve learned how independent and quick on my feet I can be, and because of that I’m finding that I’m growing as a person.

5. How’s London treating you? London is treating me amazing. I love absolutely everything about this city and country, and I could 100% see myself living here for the rest of my life.  

6. What’s been your favourite thing about the recording process? I love the collaboration. My creativity skyrockets when I’m able to bounce my ideas off of more and more people. I also love the feeling when I know that a part, lyric or melody we just came up with is really, really good. It’s the best feeling in the world. 

7. What is next for you? I’m still traveling back and forth from Yorkshire to London and working on my album in both places - as well as doing a few gigs in between. I hope to have something out early next year.