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7 Questions | SPQR

So, you’ve just founded your own label ‘Nuthin Gud Records’ - what sparked this idea?

Well, why not? You know, labels are just people with more money than you that are offering you some to make some songs that they then want to own so they can make more money than they gave you in the first place to make your songs! Of course, it’s not that simple, that was mostly just a silly little joke, but it’s something that fits what we are doing now. 

We will only be releasing our own stuff for the time being, until we all feel in a position or have a desire to be ready to release stuff with bands we like. It's easy for us though—recording costs are very cheap, because we do it ourselves! So we don’t ever really need too much money to make our stuff. It just seems like, at this stage, doing THAT ourselves is the best option. 

Your brand new single, of the same name, has just been released. We took a look and the video and can I just say, WOW. Honestly, it’s incredible. Whose idea was this?

It’s the brainchild of our very own Bex and of our lovely videographer man Liam Powell. The idea came from a photoshoot we did in our all-white costumes with our friends Eva and Carlitos. They were so culty! So we thought 'let's do a culty video too.'

It’s a pretty stand out show and the cinematic value is beyond cool. Was this always the aesthetic you were going for?

Bex has a very strong vision, as does Liam, and Liam has access to some nifty bits of gear. I just want the aesthetic to fit the song and fit the band's personality, so when it does i do a little ‘yay’ inside. We can’t wait to push this further too and make more. The more we do the more connected it all gets! 

There’s some pretty haunting topics featured throughout. What’s your opinion on these? Do you think it’s important to be talking about?

In the video or the song? I’ll answer song cos thats the best answer I can give. 'Nuthin Gud' is kind of about being so depressed that it’s actually OK cos you’ve just kind of stopped being alive. You don’t feel anymore, you don’t experience anything. You just drift away. The narrative of the song follows the struggle, then the realisation. I liked this idea of the death mask being worn when you’re still alive because its so contradictory. But, sometimes, thats exactly how you feel! Like a ‘dead man walking’ but not in the way that the phrase is typically used i suppose.

Is that important to be talked about? I’m going to say… yes…but I’m the wrong person to talk about it. I have some crazy opinions on sharing and discussing this mental health stuff. I find it often both unhelpful and harmful for me. So… yeah its good to talk and…yeah, sometimes talking makes it worse. Difficult question.

Just played two sold out headline shows in your home town. How did this feel?

It felt great! It felt like a lot of fun and i’ve saved some great memories in my brain of the nights! It also felt like saying hello to something new and goodbye to the old SPQR. It’s all moving forward very quickly and I’m certainly at a stage where I’m moving into new musical places and those shows felt like ‘ok Pete, let the old stuff go and let's get moving in this direction now’.

What’s your favourite band memory from this year?

For me it was being in the studio and self-producing a song for the first time! I’ve wanted to do it for ages and now it’s started. I feel proud of myself, a bit. But we’ve had some great experiences. We’ve watched every aspect of the band grow. We played Bluedot Festival which was like a surreal out of body experience. We played with Mini Mansions which was like a surreal out of body experience. Haha. Lots of those. We just want to really keep going now and step down hard on the accelerator. I’m bored of being a broke ass motherf*cker who works in a coffee shop, now. 

What’s next for you

More singles coming soon! Then an EP, which I’m hoping will be a way to wedge our foot in the door enough to do our first album, then: a new album! I’ve started writing it already just in case the impossible happens and all goes to plan.