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Adam Hender Live @ Bush Hall

A year ago today Adam Hender was just a normal boy from Wales, today he is a Radio 1 featured artist selling out shows across the country with a fast approaching 500,000 streams. An incredible rise from the works, we had to see what all the fuss was about!

Walking into Bush Hall the room was filled with chitter chatter and excitement as the Welsh born singer had easily packed out the London venue with his growing and dedicated fanbase. A small hush sounded before the lights went down and a warm round of applause introduced Adam onto the stage alongside his band for pop debut single 'Once Chance' and 'Gone'.

Switching things up, the contrasting 'Nothing in Between' was next with it's stripped back essence and piano. This was when we really got to appreciate Adam's incredible vocal as it filled every inch of the grand hall, captivating the entire audience with it's spellbinding falsetto range. Picking up at the chorus, it led us easily into 'All I Can Say' which set heads bopping and toes tapping at it's bouncing beats and catchy lyrics.

Half way through the set we were treated to a sneak preview of Adam's brand new single 'I Don't Mind' which is out today! An incredibly emotive piece, Hender sings with passion and his raspy vocals stand above all else as they tell the story of a love unreturned. A focal point of the track, it leaves everyone in a stunned silence as goosebumps arise and they're left unable to not relate.

A quick pick up with 'Dead In The Water' and 'Sick' Adam finally closes the show on a crescendo with latest single 'Burn'. The track gained him the attention of Radio 1 and picked up over 100,000 streams in under two weeks. As the final chords came to an end the crowd reciprocated the emotion on the young artist's face as his first London show came to an end. The second in a run, the show followed a sold-out Manchester show and came just before a groundbreaking 1400 capacity performance in his hometown of Llandudno at Venue Cymru. A proud moment and a huge accomplishment for someone so early in there career.

It won't be long until you're hearing Adam Hender's name everywhere you go!

Watch Adam's video for 'Burn'