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Belgian artist DOLLY BING BING has revealed her brand new video ‘Eat Me’.

The song deals with the tragic  loss of her husband who died from a terminal illness in 2018, and the lyrics are an ode to one of their shared heroes, Edgar Allan Poe; referencing their favourite of his poems ‘Annabel Lee’.

DOLLY’s saccharine-sweet vocals, and the song’s dream-like, shimmering pop production mask the macabre and tragedy of the lyrics. “It curls around the desire to overcome sickness, desperation and pain in my scream for the escapism of sex and pleasure and of being ‘eaten’, ‘beaten’, ‘raped’, ‘tied down’ or overpowered (by lust)” explains DOLLY, “It does so by interlacing ‘Annabel Lee’ into my personal story, mirroring both narratives as well as turning them upside down. Both depict the terrible trauma of a loss of virginity or of a tender state of paradisiac innocence.‘Eat Me’ has a calming and healing allure and wishes to unlock the aura and definition of beauty as ‘nothing but the beginning of terror’.”