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Introducing | Leggy

Having just finished a 15 night tour of the UK, Cincinnati dream punks Leggy spoke to us about the release of their new album 'Let Me Know Your Moon'.

Hey guys, for those that don’t know could you quickly give us a quick debrief of your sound and who you are?

Hi all ! We are Leggy from Cincinnati, Ohio. We make unusual lo-pop music with punk energy. Song lyrics usually deal with personal relationships and . tend to be a bit dark in tone. 

Your debut LP ‘Let Me Know Your Moon’ was released earlier this year, how does it feel it finally being out there for everyone to listen?

It's hella exciting ! Definitely proud of this album . Multiple people have said that it doesn't really sound like another band right now which is ~goals ~ . LMKYM also feels like a step up from our previous eps, like the sound has advanced and evolved. Not unlike a Pokemon evolving to it's secondary stage I guess. 

So it was a pretty long road, 6 whole years in the making to be precise! Was there any reason behind this? What was the creative process and direction on getting it to where it is now?

We did three eps within the first two years of being a band. Those eps were written and recorded basically in between long bouts of touring almost nonstop. When Damnably approached us about re-releasing all three as a cohesive album, it was super exciting but also kinda set us back a bit in terms of carving out time to work on new songs. They put out the compilation album "Leggy" in 2016 and we did several more long tours to promote it. 

In the summer of 2017 we went to Chicago with the intention of recording another release and laid down 8 tracks. However, after hearing them back we decided we weren't happy with the songs. That set us back again. Plans to rework those songs and record them in fall were also pushed to the wayside so we could do the Mad Girls Magazine tour in Spain and Portugal (which was 100000% worth it and one of the best experiences of our lives!). We finally went into the studio and recorded LMKYM in Feb of 2018. Figuring out "shopping around a record" was a new experience for us. Luckily, we had a friend who helped us and got it into the hands of Jaclyn & Talia of Sheer Luck. We then had to decide whether or not to go with an established label or take a chance with Sheer Luck, where we ended up being the first release. I'm so glad we decided to go with them! Jaclyn and Talia have been both in the music industry for more than a decade. We certainly kept busy and had a lot of fun. 

You’ve just finished a 15 night tour of the UK, what were your favourite things about being on the road? Any favourite cities so far?

Wow, this past tour was one of my favourite we have ever done ! I'm literally so sad that it's over. This tour was particularly special because of the tourmates we had. For the first ten days we were opening for our pals The Spook School & it was their farewell tour. Most of the shows were sold out, and every show had fans in the very front singing along to all of their songs and crying. Their fans fucking love them so much. It was truly an incredible experience to witness and I am so grateful we got to be part of it. 

After parting with The Spook School, we met up with Personal Best who are our new label mates on Sheer Luck. It was so lovely to finally put faces to names! They are all such lovely people and we all got along super well. We had like the same sense of humor somehow. It was awesome. Fave things about being on the road this past tour were the hospitality of everyone we met, eating beans on toast for breakfast daily, watching dvds on the tv in the van which made me feel luxurious, hearing out tourmates play their beautiful songs nightly, and I also lived for the nights when some folx on tour would be naughty and smoke weed with Chris and I at night. That was extremely funny. 

Fave cities are Glasgow and London. Glasgow because thats where the tour started and ended with The Spook School so those nights will live on in my memory forever. London because it's fucking London- it has a visceral energy to it that is overwhelming and also exhilarating. Kinda like being in NYC I think. 

What can we expect from you next year?

I hope very much that we will have another album out in 2020. We are talking the fall off from long tours this year to focus on finishing a bunch of songs and writing new ones. Its really hard for me to write anything worthwhile if I am not feeling inspired - like I can force it but then we don't usually end up using that material . Right now I am feeling inspired though - so going to focus on reigning in that energy. I feel that right now we are a fork in the road style-wise. We have always been a punk band, but I want to make ourselves be more comfortable with slower, more open, more patient songs. Trying to let them breathe a little bit if that makes sense! Just want to get out of our comfort zone.