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KOKO Reveal 'Eyes So Wide'

Hypnotic Bristol-based trio KOKO explode with a follow up single, ‘Eyes So Wide’, that fuses addictive dance beats with hip-hop confidence.

Between the smooth, charming vocals, ‘Eyes So Wide’ builds up its intro with enough beats and pulses to send you into a trance, before it erupts in the chorus as the title repeats among electronic outbursts. In a modern age of love songs, KOKO explain that “Eyes So Wide is a song about lust” which perfectly matches the emotion and passion of the single, as the lyrics entice the listener to keep going.

Their second single so far and arguably their boldest, KOKO want you to feel the exciting nature of the song, describing it as “when you lust after someone from the moment you meet them, and you want to lose all of your inhibitions with that person.”