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Liza Anne Reveals 'Devotion'

Having been a fan of the Nashville indie star since the release of her debut record 'Fine But Dying' over two years ago, I was very excited to learn that Liza Anne had returned with her explosive new single 'Devotion'.

Full of jaggering guitar chords and luscious melodies, it's an indie-rock jam made for the badder times in life. Freeing Liza from the shackles of an unhealthy relationship and reclaiming her identity and independence, the track melds self-love and empowerment with a combination of brute force and deft precision.

“Helping people validate and feel seen in their pain has been important,” she explains, “but it’s just the first part. I feel like if I’m giving people this door into feeling their pain, I also have a responsibility to hold a mirror up to their own power, as well. That’s the sum of what I’m trying to do with my music, both for my audience and myself.”