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Mountain Bird Reveals '5Years' and Brand New EP 'DearBrainLetMeSleep'

Electronic soloist Mountain Bird has returned with his heart in his sleeve to bring the mellow and brutally honest account of a failed love on ‘5 Years’, from his newest EP ‘DearBrainLetMeSleep’.

A song developed from experiences in Berlin and the tragedy of his own dealings with insomnia and depression, the lead single ‘5 Years’ shows an invigorated strive for self-love from the inspiring lyrics “I will never change myself.” The whole EP combines the low rumbling constant bass that lays the foundation for synths and electronic riffs to take centre stage to enhance the emotion of Mountain Bird’s soft and candid vocals.

Mountain Bird, also known as Adam Öhman, said that while writing the lead single he “felt it had something youthful and cinematically beautiful about it... to realise that you love someone, but the timing isn’t right is such a youthful idea.”

‘DearBrainLetMeSleep’ and ‘5 Years’ released on January 3rd, 2020.