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Nox & Players Republik Reveal 'Born a Winner'

Players Republik’s canine hero Nox is back again with the third instalment of his story, ‘Born a Winner’ was released on Feb 21st via the gaming music label – Players Republik.

So far Nox has already overcome every obstacle which has been thrown in his way. Whether it was traveling across vast seas and the tallest mountains, or proving himself to the masters who can provide the education he needs, Nox has conquered and stood tall after every challenge. He is starting to really believe he can achieve his dreams and become the hero he has always wanted to be. At heart, Nox is still a gamer and while on his tremendous journey, despite all the trials and tribulations he has already faced, has stayed true to himself, encapsulating the true spirit of all the games he plays.

Musically, ‘Born A Winner’ is a reflection of Nox’s self-belief, tense beginnings and determination. The heavy dubstep chorus relieves the tension of the melodic verses, bringing a real feeling of achievement and prowess to the song.

‘Born a Winner’ is a motivational anthem, combining euphonious EDM with a strong lyrical cadence.