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Track of The Day | Hallan 'Men'

I can't help but get myself all wrapped up in it, engrossed in the thick of it all. Guitars dripping with dirt and vocals oozing exasperation and passion it's hard not, you can't really blame me.

However, it's the lyrics that really steal the show on this one. Post punkers, Hallan, have topped it with this one and i'm in awe at how they've spectacularly captured something so important and transformed it into a piece of art. I can online let them explain as I wouldn't really be able to do it justice.

“'We are alone on this island. The young men that you see every day are at sea on a piece of land surrounded by a sea of pressure and weight. Live a life of expectation and earn a wage. Cast aside your creativity in favour of a fake lie and never show yourself to the world. To be creative is a weakness and to show emotion might as well be a crime. We are the young men and we feel alone. I feel alone. I'm the doing the best that I can, there's pressure in being a man.'”